“A mistake is always a lesson”

English is an official language of over 53 countries and is accepted worldwide. Speaking fluent English can advance your career opportunities. In order to rule in the era of competition in every domain, one has to excel in this language. Even multi-national companies prefer candidates who are fluent in speaking English. For a non-native speaker it is hard to avoid some common mistakes while speaking English. Let us learn some of the common mistakes that most of us make while speaking English.

ommon Mistakes in English Speaking

Some Common Mistakes While Speaking English

Wrong SententesRight Sentences
She sings good.She sings well.
He feels well.He feels good.
The police is coming.The police are coming.
One of the trains are late.One of the trains is late.
Ask him to sit besides me.Ask him to sit beside me.
I may drive because I passed the driving test.I can drive because I passed the driving test.
My son has new work.My son has new job.
I felt very fantastic.I felt really fantastic
I was born on 1988.I was born in 1988.
I didn't knew about this incident.I didn't know about this incident.
I will inform to your mother.I will inform your mother.
Until you work hard, you will improve As long as you work hard, you will improve.
You have made a blunder mistake.You have made a mistake or You have made a blunder.
I am feeling more better.I am feeling better.
I have been working out since 4 years.I have been working out for 4 years.
She’s married with a doctor.She’s married to a doctor.
Every students like the teacher.Every student likes the teacher.
When I will arrive, I will call you.When I arrive, I will call you.
She doesn’t listen me.She doesn’t listen to me.
Me and William live here.William and I live here.

Hoping that these suggestions can be helpful for you to avoid such mistakes. Learn How to Greet in English?




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