A Synonym is a word which have the same or we can say the similar meaning as another word. Synonyms are the part of speech which  can be verb, preposition, noun, adverb  and adjective etc so that the words can  belong to the same part of speech.


  • Verb:  buy & purchase
  • Adjective:  big & large
  • Adverb:  quickly & speedily
  • Preposition:  on  & upon

For example:

  • The words big and large are synonyms.
  • Buy and Purchase are also synonyms – although we likely to use “buy” in a more informal context, and “purchase” in a more formal context.

Synonyms are frequently used in different collocations, too.

For example, we can explain either a person or an idea as Brilliant, but only a person can be Smart.

Word Synonyms
AboutRegarding, Approximately
AbstractIntangible, Summary
AlmostApproximately, Nearly
AnimatedActive, Lively
AnywayBesides, At least
ApparentObvious, Clear
To ArriveTo reach
AwayAbsent, Missing
AmazingFabulous, Extaordinary
AngerIrritation, Inflame
AnswerRespond, React
AwfulUnplesant, Terrible
AskExamine, Request
AttractiveAppealing, Gorgeous
ApplicableRelevant, Appropriate
BackboneSpine, Moral Fiber
BallotPoll, Election
To BeatTo Defeat, To Strike
BecomingFitting, Suitable
To BehaveTo act, To perform
BelievablePlausible, Authentic
BendyFlexible, Easily Bent
BidTender, Submission
BizarreWeird, Strange
BranchDepartment, Stem
BraveCourageous, Bold
BusyEngaged, Hectic
BrowForehead, Ridge
BreakSmash, Crack
CalmQuiet, Still
ComeApproach, Advance
CrookedBend, Twisted
CutChop, Slash
ClassLesson, Course
To CollapseTo Break Down, Give Way
ConcordHarmony, Accord
CouchSofa, Express
CrusadeCampaign, Movement
To ConveyTo communicate
CurativeHealing, Remedial
DangerousRisky, Hazardous
DecideDetermine, Settle
DeliciousTitbit, Delectable
DescribePortray, Characterise
DestroyRuin, Slay
DullBoring, Dreary
DeduceAssume, To Infer
DelicateFragile, Weak
DevilSatan, Sprite
DisadvantagedDeprived, Needy
Diminishto decrease , Weaken
DifferenceDisagreement, Inequity
DoExecute, carry out
DiscloseTo reveal, unveil
EagerKeen , Ready, Willing
EnquireInvestigate, Explore
EnormousHuge, Immense
EspeciallyParticularly, Mainely
EssentialFundamental, Vital
EstablishTo set up, Found
EvaluateTo assess, Estimate
ExactlyPrecisely, Accurately
ExpireTo run out, End, Finised
ExplodeTo blow up, Burst
ExtraAdditional, further
EquityFairness, Justice
EverlastingEternal, Endless
ElevateTo raise, to promote
FamousFamed, Renowned
FabricateManufacture, Produce
FantasticGreat, Brilliant
FloatDrift, Hover
FoolishSilly, Stupid
ForeheadBrow, Temple
FortunateLucky, Chance
FragrancePerfume, Scent
Fake, Untrue
FairJust, Honest
FastQuick, Rapid, Speedy
FlySoar, Wing
FunnyHumorous, Silly
GetAcquire, Obtain
GoFade, Move, Proceed
GoodExcellent, Fine, Superior
GreatPowerful, Much, Worthy
GrossImproper, Rude
GarbageRubbish, Junk, Waste
GlitterShine, Sparkle
GraspingGreedy, Selfish
GrouseGrumble, Grape
GutIntestine, Burn up
HandsomeGood-looking, Dashing
HallCorridor, Lobby
Hang-outHaunt, Spend-Time
HappilyFortunately, Cheerfully
HardTough, Rigid
HintClue, Suggestion
HoleGap, Crack
HomeHouse, Residence
HungerStarvation, Lack of food
HurryTo rush, Speed-up
HateDislike, Disapprove,  
HaveHold, Possess, Own
HurtDamage, Harm
I deaThought, Concept
InterestingEngaging, fascinating
ImportantNecessary, Vital
IdealPerfect, Model
IfWhether, Condition
IgnoreDisregard, Overlook
ImagineSuppose, Assume
ImpactAffect, Collision
InflexibleRigid, Hard
InformalCasual, Relaxed
InfrequentRare, Uncommon
InnocentHarmless, Guiltless
InvoiceBill, Statement
InventoryList, Stock
InsufficientInadequate, Lacking
JealousEnvious, Protective
JoyDelight, Happiness
Justify Validate, Excuse
JustNow, Immediately
JoinLink, Fix
JointCombined, Dual
J ubilantProud, Glad
JumpLeap, Fly
JokeFunny, Comic
JamSquash, Pack
Keephold, retain
Killslay, execute, Murder
knowinglyIntentionally, Purpose
KnowledgeInformation, Facts
KnownFamous, Well-Known
KnotTie, Join
KnifeBlade, Dagger
LetAllow, Permit
LoveLike, Admire
LookExamine, Gape
LittleTiny, Small
LackingMissing, Absent
LastFinal, Preview
LiveExist, Survive
LeadingMain, Foremost
LegitimateValid, Lega
LearnMemorize, Study
LeadGuide, Direct
LooseMovable, Free
LessFewer, Smaller
MakeCreate, Build
MarkSpot, Stain
MoveGo, Tarvel
MadFoolish, Crazy
MoneyCash, Currency
MostlyTypically, Generally
MemoryRecollection, Remembrance
MadeComplete, Ended
MobCrowd, Mass
MischievousPrankish, Playful
MoodyTempermental, Changable
MistakeError, Fault
MiseryDistress/ Hardship
MixBlend, Mingle
NearClose, Almost
NaughtyMischievous, Bad
NeatTidy, Clear
NoisyLoudly, Deafning
NormalDaily, Typical
NoneNothing, Nobody
NewLatest, Fresh
NegativeHarmefull, Depressing
NarrowThin, Slim
NoteLetter, Memo
NeckCollar, Neckline
OwnHold, Have
OnHappening, Taking Place
OldWeak, Aged, Used
OftenFrequently, Time and again
OwnerLandload, Holde0072
OriginCause, Source
OriginalUnique, Novel
OneSingle, Individual
OverlookTo Miss, Ignore
PatternSample, Outline
ParticularSpecific, Exacting
PracticallyVirtually, Basically
PutPlace, Set
PressingUrgent, Vital
Post-mortemInvestigation, Examination
PocketPouch, Pack
PeaceablePeaceful, Calm
QuiteFairly, Pretty
QuakeTremble, Shake
QuietSilent, Still
QualificationRequirement, Condition
QuestionProblem, Issue
QueryInquiry, Doubt
QuellCrush, Control
QuarterSection, Part
QuestMission, Hunt
RestRelax, Break
RelieveReduce, Easy
RevoltingHorrible, Awful
RespondAnswer, Reply
ReputeStatus, Reputation
RemovableDetachable, Not Fixed
RenovateRepair, Restore
To RueTo regret
RefrainChorus, Renounce
ReliableDependable, Consistent
RubbishNonsense, Junk
RemarkComment, Mention
SlowChilly, Cold
SackBag, Dismiss
SadUnhappy, Gloomy
ScaredTerrified, Fearful
ShoutScream, Yell
ShyBashful, Retiring
SlimSlender, Slight
SmileGrin, Beam
SniffSmell, Inhale
SordidDirty, Disgusting
SplitDivide, Crack
SprintRun, Hurry
StoneRock, Limestone
StoryTale, Narrative
TalkativeCommunicate, Chatty
TemperMood, Anger
ThankfulAppreciative, Pleased
ThinkPonder, Consider
TossThrow, Pitch
TotalEntire, Whole
TransformConvert, Renovate
TrustBelieve, Hope
TryAttempt, Seek
TellAdvise, Notify
TroubleDistress, Worry
1Exact, Genuine
TakeHold, Catch
UglyHorrible, Gross
UnhappyGloomy, Dismal
UseExpend, Utilize
UncommonUnusal, Rare
UncookedRaw, Fresh
UneasyRestless, Nervous
UnfortunateUnlucky, Adverse
UnlawfulIllegal, Dishonest
UsuallyGenerally, Typically
UnbaisedFair, Impartial
UrgentImportant, Crucial
ValueWorth, Importance
VeryExtremly, Awfully
VacancySituation, Position
VariantAlternative, Modification
VastHuge, Infinite
ValiantBrave, Courageous
VaultingOverreaching, Vault
ViciousMalicious, Harmful
VirtuousWorthy, Moral
WrongIncorrect, Mistaken
WalkStroll, Stride
WantDesire, Crave
WeakFeeble, Weedy
WinnerVictor, Champ
WonderfulAmazing, Brilliant
WordExpression, Speech
WriteRecord, Mark
WriterAuthor, Poet
YesAllright, Okay, Sure
YummyDelicious, Tasty
YoungLittle, Childish
YelpBark, Yep
YellowFair, Golden
YearlyAnnual, Every Year
ZeroNil, Nothing
ZilchZero, Nothing




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