Everyone uses computer smartly and do you know there are some tricks that many of us don’t know about? These tips will help you perform some basic tasks in an easy way which will help save your time. Do you know the way encrypt or password protect your important file in order to save it from unauthorized users? How you can extract the images from a word document? Keep reading the article till end and you will get to know about interesting computer tips and and tricks which are really useful.

Some of the General Computer Tips and Tricks

  • Make the files as password protected

Install WinRAR, 7-Zip or some equivalent if not installed in your PC. Right click on the file and click on WinRAR or 7-Zip then click on Add to Archive then Under Password, write the password and check on Encrypt File and Click OK.

Password Protected

  • Extract images from Word document

Change the file name from .docx to .zip and open the file. You will find that all the images are placed in one of the directories.

Changing Extension to Zip

  • Open Command Prompt in any Directory

Open the windows file explorer and in the address bar, simply type cmd and hit enter. You will find that the cmd in opened in that directory.

  • Deleting an Entire Word

Press Ctrl + Backspace. This will help to delete the entire word, instead of deleting a single letter.

  • By mistake Deleted or Moved a file

Don’t worry, just Press Ctrl+Z . This undo shortcut keys not only helps in typing but also in case you have accidentally deleted or moved a file. (Press Ctrl+Y for Redo).


  • Accidentally closed a Tab

Press Ctrl+Shift+T to re open the tabs that were closed by mistake.

  • Set up a second Display or Projector

Simply press Windows key + P

  • Move Cursor at the beginning of the next or previous word 

Press Ctrl + Left Arrow key to move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word or Press Ctrl + Right Arrow Key to move the cursor to the beginning of the next word.

  • Making the text as subscript or superscript

For Subscript, type Ctrl + = and for superscript, type Ctrl + Shift + =. Repeat the shortcuts to type as normal text.

Some more Interesting Tips

  • Creating cycle through currently opened Windows

Press Alt + Tab to create cycle among currently opened screens.

  • Shortcut to Close the current program that is running

Press Alt + F4 if you want to close the current running program.

  • Minimizing all the windows

Press Windows Key + D

  • Skip writing www and .com or www and .net while writing the website address

Simply write the name of the website and hit Ctrl + Enter for .com site but if the site is of .net domain then hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter after writing the name of the website.

  • Shortcut to open the programs present on the Taskbar

Press Windows Key + (the position of the program present on the Task Bar). For Example, if Chrome is present on number 2 then Simply Press Windows key + 2 and Chrome will get opened.

  • Shortcut to reach at the address bar

Press Ctrl + L or F6 or Alt + D to reach at the address bar.

Address Bar

  • Create cycle between the opened screens within a browser

Press Ctrl +Shift + Tab or this can also be done by Ctrl + Number of the position of the tab. For Example Ctrl + 1 or Ctrl + 2 etc.

That’s all about this article but I am sure that you want to know about some more tips and tricks. Stay tuned with Englishneed to know more. For now, Please check Some Interesting and Useful hidden features of Youtube 

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