Let’s learn how to type in Hindi in WordPress. Many a times we feel to type the post on WordPress in our native language like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu etc.

Not just WordPress, we can also do the same in text editor like Notepad, Wordpad, MS Word etc.

Type in Hindi in WordPress:

This article explains  the way to type the content in any language on any platform. I will take the example of writing in Hindi and platform is WordPress. The same technique is applicable to other languages and platforms.

First of all  Click Here  and you will find a google input page opens up. On the right hand side you will see the names of different languages. Choose the language Hindi or any other that you want to have and click on I agree. After that click on the download button below. The exe file starts to download.

Type in any language on any platform

Once the download is completed, you will see a small icon on the task bar of your computer.

Type in Hindi in WordPress

When you click on the icon, you will see list of languages selected by you. You are almost done.

Now open WordPress or wherever you want to write the content. Select the language from the icon and you will see that you are able to type in the language that you have selected. Now you can type in Hindi in WordPress.

Start typing and press Enter. You can do the same in any other text editor also like MS Word, Notepad or even in Google Search.

This website www.englishneed.com is also following the same method to write the content in Hindi as well as English using an English Keyboard. I hope this method helpful to you all. The people who write blogs on Blogger already have the option within the text editor to write the content in Hindi. But this is missing in WordPress. Now you can follow this article to type in Hindi in WordPress. Apart from this as mentioned, you can type on any platform like MS Word, Notepad, Chat Messenger etc. and in any language as selected by you while downloading the exe file.


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