Do you feel difficulty while speaking in English? Are you looking for simple sentences that are used at home? You are at the right place! In this article, you will learn some of the most common used phrases at home especially by parents. These phrases will help you increase your knowledge and you can become an efficient English speaker.

30 Common Phrases Used at Home by Parents:

1.Can you please do the dishes? – It is used to ask someone to wash the dirty
dishes and crockery.

2. Do the laundry – This expression is used to describe the process of putting
dirty clothes into the washing machine: “Can you do the laundry Please?

3. Tidy up your room – It is used to ask your children to organize their room, this
is how you ask them to do so: “Could you tidy up your room, Please?”

4. Get Dressed – A very commonly used English phrase at home when you and
your family planned for an outing: “Baby, I think it’s time to get dressed –
we have to leave in half hour!”

5. Did you lock the door? – This phrase is used to ask any of the family
member about the door lock: “Mandy, Did you lock the door?”

6. Walk the dog – This phrase can be used to remind someone of walking the
dog every day by saying : “Did you walk the dog yet? It’s getting

7. Clean it up –So basically this phrase is used when you’re referring to
getting something cleaned up – especially if there’s a water on the floor or
some other liquid – this is how you say it: “John, your little brother just
spilled her drink, can you clean it up?”

8. Put out the bins – This is how you tell your child or your partner to throw
the waste in bin and dumped it out on the street. Example – Don’t forget to put out the bins tomorrow!

9. Switch off the Fan– To save the electricity, or to switch off the electric
appliances which are running unusually, This is how you put it: “Jonny!
Switch off the fan, Please”

10. What’s for dinner? – This is how you ask the question. When you come
back to come, feels very hungry and eagerly want to know, “What is in the
dinner tonight? – Mom”.

11. Who’s cooking tonight? – If you and your friend are sharing the cooking
task, this question is generally put at that time from your friend to find out
“Who’s cooking tonight”.

12. Take a few more bites! – This is something you tell your child if they had a
very little to eat: “Please Sandy, just take a few bites more and then you’re
free to go!

13. That’s my boy/girl! – This phrase is used to praise your child for doing
such a great job or having showing some good results in study or games.
This is how you put like: “That’s my girl(boy)! I’m Proud of you.”

14. Common, you can do it! – It is used to encourage your child during a
competition? This will help to motivate your child. Well,
learn this phrase and use it by saying-“Common You Can do it My son!
Don’t give up!”

15. It’s time to brush your teeth! – Used to learn good habits before bed by
saying-“ It’s getting too late kids and it’s time to brush your teeth!” This
phrase is normally used to tell them to go to the bathroom and start brushing
the teeth.

16. Sleep tight! – It’s the other version of “Sleep well!”. Used to asked your
child to Sleep Well. “Did you Sleep Tight?”

17. Time to get up! – This is the most commonly used phrase and used to get up
your child for school or a trip. Many children hate this line used by parents
early in the morning, when they don’t want to get up.

18. Don’t do that, it doesn’t look nice! – This is usually said to small children
when they do something which is not socially acceptable or your child is
getting mannerless. Then you say like this-“Rosh, Don’t do this, it’s really
looking bad”.

19. You have to be ready for school in ..minutes! – Other simple phrase,
used for kids when they are late for school .Specifically, it’s the “to be ready
for” part that you should pay the greatest attention to, so make sure to repeat
it by memorize it again and again!

20. Make it Snappy: It is used to tell someone that you want them to do
something instantly and  quickly. You can say like this-.Hurry Up! Tie your
shoes and Make it Snappy”

21. I’ll be with you in a moment: Use this phrase when someone wants to see
you, if you need a minute to finish something first. Say Like this: “Good
morning! I’ll be with you in a moment”.

22. I Rest my case: You can say this phrase when you are expressing a fact or
opinion, and then something happens to prove your point completely correct.

23. Wow! That’s a huge leap forward!: When your child is improving a lot in
a class or in a task.

24. Are you warm enough? : This is what grandmothers always used to say,
and it’s something you can also ask your child when you’re a bit worried.

25. Let me tuck you in!: “Tucking in” is used to putting the blanket edges in
between the child’s body and the bed like “wrapping” them tightly or
folding the blanket inside child’s body so that they feel safe . This is how
you tell your child: “Let me tuck you in!”

26. How dare you speak to me like that?! – If your child is verbally rude
towards you, then you can surely put this on you child by saying-“ How dare
you speak to me like that?! ”So, this phrase is used in handy situations.

27. Where You Raised In A Barn/By Wolves. The phrase is used to say when
your kids are misbehaving or they eat with their mouth full or forget to close the
door softly. The phrase is a good reminder that they should all be polite
and courteous in any social situation.

28. Money Don’t Grow On Trees: This phrase is used by mom or dad when their
children start to waste money on expensive games and things. This is used to tell
them that money don’t grow on trees.

29. Under my Roof: This phrase is used when you’re under to say someone-
“It’s my roof, it’s my rules”. Mothers often say, especially to their grown-up
kids when they start doing rebellious things such as getting a tattoo.

30. When You have Kids: Most parents use this phrase when their children
don’t get what they are trying to say. Then they say like this: –  when you have
kids, you’ll better understand, what I’m trying to say.

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